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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why Agarwoods (Oudh) Oil is distinct & most precious from other Essential Oils?

Medicinal & Health Benefits of Oudh Oil

The resinous chemical compounds found in agarwood oil are scientifically reported to have medicinal benefit.

Some major chemical constituents that make agarwood oils distinctive from other oils are :
  • Agarol  - an effective, gentle and pleasant tasting laxative
  • Agarospiral and Jinkohol-eremolare - considered to be neuroleptic
  • Agarofuran - an anti-tumour compound
  • α-eudesmol - protects against brain injury
  • Guaiol - can be used as skin lightening product
  • Selinenehas anti inflammatory effects
  • 2-(2-phenylethyl) chromone - shows cytotoxicity against the human gastric cancer cell line

One of the earliest scientific study related to agarwood pharmacological activities reported that alcohol extract of Aquilaria malaccensis stem bark and stem exerted mild cardiotonic activity and anti-cancer effects against Eagle’s carcinoma of the nasopharynx. In another study, agarwood essential oil vapor was reported to possess sedative effects in mice. Another work reported that Aquilaria malaccensis leaves extract exhibited potent antioxidant activity

...its not just the price that make Agarwood (Oudh) Oil precious, but major resinous compound found in it ensures as Royal forever. 

-Akhtar Talukdar

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